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Shantytown Challenges Develop

As Shantytown evictions in New Providence   proceed as scheduled,  there are some challenges.

Authorities have discovered that to date, there have been two suspected cases of illegal electricity  connections, 35 illegals apprehended and 15 special needs families requiring assistance.

However, all derelict vehicles have been removed, two buildings have received occupancy certificates, 16 houses have  approved permits; and those buildings that appear to be code worthy,  will have a chance to remain standing.

“There are some individual homes in the various Shantytowns that are code worthy and some that have BPL connections and cable connections,” said Labour Minister, Senator Dion Foulkes.

“Those are more difficult to deal with because they are surrounded by homes that will be demolished,” he added.

As for who will be the landlords responsible for those homes left standing, Minister Foulkes said this is still undecided. 

“We are getting advice from the Attorney General’s office on the various options as to what we can do, what is possible from a legal standpoint.


“We’re taking into consideration the building codes of the Ministry of Works. 

“So we have not come to any firm decision with respect to those two communities, but they will not be in this exercise,” he said.


According to Colin Wright, Chairman  of the Alternative  Housing  Committee, so far all is going well with residents relocating to alternative housing.

However, there is  one challenge – most persons do not want to move out of the Carmichael area.

He said employers have been assisting with the relocation process on behalf of their employees who are shantytown residents. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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