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A ray of hope  came  out the Consultant’s Physicians Staff Association’s (CPSA) meeting with the Financial Secretary and members of the Public Hospitals Authority (Public Hospitals Authority) yesterday. 

According to the union secretary, Dr. Sabriquet Pinder-Butler, some progress was made regarding negotiations.

She said, “at this particular point, we would’ve looked at various things in our proposal  that  both sides thought could’ve been worked at. I can’t get specific with any details at this point.”

As  for  whether the standoff will come to an end, Dr. Pinder-Butler said, they would have to discuss with their membership first. 

She said, “once we would have met with out membership, and we have something in writing, which we have not yet secured. When those things are looked at, then we can make a decision, but today we’re unable to confirm as yet.”

CPSA President Dr. Locksley Munroe was not in attendance at the  meeting yesterday, as he was travelling.  However,  Dr. Pinder-Butler said that he was aware of the outcome. 

Approximately 115 doctors withdrew their services on Tuesday of last week causing the Public Hospital’s Authority to activate its Emergency Operations Center.

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