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School Menu to Feature Vegan Diet

Obesity plagues the nation of The Bahamas and is the cause of many health related problems for Bahamians.

As a result, Akhepran International Academy launched an Obesity Prevention Pilot Program for its students where a vegan diet will now be the cafeteria’s main choice of food. The school also introduced ‘water days.’

On Friday, Senator Fred Mitchell spoke to the school about his healthy choices and imparted to the students that this diet choice will benefit them in life in the future.

Inclusive of a healthy diet, Mr. Mitchell informed The Bahama Journal that he exercises daily.

“I run every morning, and you try to follow the prescription, which is you have to exercise every day,” he said.

Fox Hill MP Shonel Ferguson was very impressed with how the school is making strides to teach the students about eating healthy.

She said, “This is a powerful first step that I envision becoming a thousand steps and that it will spread to the other schools.

“Teach children that you can eat healthy and it can be flavorful and tasty. I want this to spread and become a way of life.”

Akhepran International Academy Principal Dr. Jacinta Higgs said she is on a mission to lose 50 pounds by the end of the school year and asked the students to assist her with staying focus on her goal.

She shared her perspective on health and weight.

“If you don’t give me the meat, but you give me the vegan hamburger and you season that well, I am telling you, I will eat that. It would not stay in me for five and six months. I will begin to lose the weight and be healthy and harmonize my body with more of the plant based menus,” Dr. Higgs explained.

Student chefs prepared vegan meals for invited guests during Friday’s launch.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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