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Saunders Not Afraid of the “Potcake”

Free National Movement (FNM) Tall Pines Candidate attorney Don Saunders said he is not intimidated by the incumbent Leslie Miller, who seemingly has consistent overwhelming support of constituents in that area.


As the general election approaches, Mr. Saunders, in a recent interview told The Bahama Journal   he is confident that he will defeat Mr. Miller.


This is the second time that Mr. Saunders is contesting this seat.


A significant part of why Mr. Saunders has such confidence goes back to promises the current MP made in 2012.


While addressing hundreds of FNM supporters at the party’s Southwestern Candidate Launch in Golden Gates on Tuesday night, Mr. Saunders alluded to promises by Mr. Miller published on a flyer in the last general election campaign.


“Tall Pines where are the new parks? He promised to complete the pool in Jubilee. Is the pool in Jubilee completed Tall Pines? Subdivision signs, where are the subdivision signs? These promises were made in 2012 I remind you. A crime watch programme, is there a crime watch programme in Tall Pines? After school care, is there an after school care in Tall Pines? Community Development Programmes, is there a community development programme in Tall Pines,” Mr. Saunders asked.


Mr. Saunders assured constituents that if he is elected, he along with an FNM government will “deliver the people of Tall Pines”.


“People of Tall Pines and South West New Providence, I have heard your cries with regards to the vexing environmental issues affecting your communities. Tall Pines and The Bahamas I want you to know that your FNM Government will enact legislation to create a Ministry of Environment as a body corporate to integrate and bring focus attention to the existing strands of environment-related policies currently embodied in statutes governing various Ministries/Departments/Agencies,” Mr. Saunders said.

“Tall Pines and The Bahamas in essence, we will establish a full fledge ministry totally dedicate to the Environment of the Bahamas. This new Ministry will work to re-engineer, expand, manage and maintain the Nassau Dump making it a true landfill,” he said.


“We will implement a Waste-To-Energy Programme to generate electricity for sale to the National Grid, establish a National Clean-Up Day, phase out the use of plastic bags by 2020, Upgrade The Bahamas’ capacity to properly test emissions to keep pollutants low and at a safe level,” Mr. Saunders added.

“Your FNM will establish a policy to mandate the immediate release of information in cases of environmental incidents,” he said.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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