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Sands Not Overconfident In Win

As Free National Movement MP Loretta Butler Turner has yet to formally announce her campaign to run against FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, her running mate FNM Senator Dr. Duane Sands says he’s not overconfident in a victory.

“I take nothing for granted, we are the underdogs. We have a tremendous amount of work to do. The campaign is just starting and we need to speak to 400 or so delegates to make a case. And so it is too early at this point and there is no point in becoming overconfident. It is really a matter of doing the legwork or ground work leading up to convention so there is no point at all in expressing overconfidence at this time,” he told the Journal.

Many in the political arena have questioned what the relationship would be like between Dr. Minnis and his opponents if his challengers are defeated.

Dr. Sands says that possibility does not matter to him.

“I am a FNM and I will continue to fight for the principles for the Free National Movement,” he said.

When asked if any of Dr. Minnis’ opponents should resign if he remains leader, Dr. Sands they should look to rebuild the turbulent party.

“All FNMs want to win,” he said.

“We need to find a way to find common ground to unite and heal. That is what our supporters want to see and that is what the general public wants.”

Dr. Sands said he believes that he and Butler-Turner are ready to restore hope to Bahamians.

“People want to know specifics. They want to know what are the components in an FNM platform that they should support. They want to know the specifics in a NHI plan whether it is the health system, how much catastrophic coverage they would get. How do you provide incentives to the private sector to minimize the tax burden and thereby encourage them to accept individuals who are currently unemployed. I think we have some opportunities there to specifically look at ways to help small and medium enterprises grow,” he said.

“They also want a government that will manage the immigration situation. These are things that people want to hear articulated. That as opposed to hearing promises. They have heard a lot of promises from this administration that have turned out to be pie in the sky.”

Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte Dr. Andre Rollins, who is new to the FNM, has also challenged Dr. Minnis on numerous occasions.

Despite this, Dr. Sands said he feel that FNMs will unite.

“The problems that we have are not insurmountable,” he said.

“We are looking for commonality as opposed to things that divide. I think it is going to be the test of all of us to hold out an olive branch and focus on the things that make us FNMs that we share as opposed to things that have divided us thus far.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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