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Bahamian Student Describes Mood After BREXIT

The UK’s Decision to remove itself from the European Union has had a large impact around the world both socially and economically. The Brexit Vote not only affected European countries but those in the Caribbean as well.

The Journal caught up with Manda Moxey, a senior at Cardiff University in Wales, who is studying Law spoke about the general mood of her classmates and persons living in the area.

“The general mood among students is anger to say the least, a lot of students expected persons to vote to stay and because they didn’t now it’s like wow, where is this coming from?

“Also they think that anyone that voted to leave is either racist or ancient as immigration was a big part of why Britain voted to leave and as a student you have to question if you wanted to go on an exchange program with another EU country is that still feasible.

“Students from other European countries are not so much scared as they are nervous because a vote like that brings home the fact that a lot of people don’t want you here, ” Ms Moxey said.

Moxey also spoke about the effect on her as an international student in relation to her studies as well as her general living experience.

“In terms of me as a Bahamian student, naturally if the pound lowers it would be a good thing because it would be closer to the dollar and we would have to pay less for tuition.

“As a commonwealth student we are for fortunate enough in the sense we don’t pay as much other international students, ” Ms. Moxey said.

Yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel took a tough stance in regards to Brexit negotiations saying that the UK could not be “Cherry Picking” in  Brexit Negotiations.


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