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Residents Reject Atlantis Seaplane Operation

Hon. Chester Cooper


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Investments and Aviation Chester
Cooper said the country has a great democracy after residents at a town hall meeting
Tuesday night rejected Atlantis’ plans to establish a seaplane operation in Montagu
Bay to facilitate day excursions to the Family Islands.
The plan was for the ferry boat to transport passengers between a floating platform
and an existing dock at the Atlantis marina.
The floating platform would be positioned in Montagu Bay for passenger embarkation
and debarkation.
Following the rejection, the Paradise Island Resort will have to go back to the drawing
board and find a new location for the operation.
Those in attendance found it appalling that the plan for Montagu Bay was even being
considered given that this year, sailing was declared the national sport of the
Minster cooper told reporters Wednesday morning that this is the reason why we have
public consultations.
“And that is so that we get feedback from all of the stakeholders and the people of the
Bahamas. So, in the wisdom of the framers of the rules and guidelines, we’ve
determined in all of the developments that we undertake that there has to be a public
“And we’re not all knowing, none of us are, neither are regulators and therefore we
hear the views of the people.
“Clearly there have been some concerns expressed as it relates to the impact on the
way of life that we undertake on sailing, on beaching, and really the quality of life of
the Bahamian people and that has to be priority number one in all of our
considerations,” the tourism minister said.
According to DPM Cooper, the seaplane operation would add value to the tourism
market, but Atlantis will have to find another location for their project that will have
less impact on the Bahamian people.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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