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Queen’s College Head Boy Dies On Campus — Principal remembers him as an example for others to follow

QC Head Boy Dario Rahming

By: Keile Campbell

A bright young mind with a great future ahead of him and described by his school’s
Principal as an example for other young men to follow died suddenly on Saturday
The sudden passing of Queen’s College (QC) head boy Dario Anthony Rahming Jr
sent a wave of hurt and shock through the school when the news broke that young
Dario had died.
Young Dario arrived at school Saturday morning for a sports practice when he
suddenly collapsed. QC’s Principal Rev. Henry Knowles, in a post on social media,
spoke of how staff dealt with the situation.
“He collapsed but all of our protocols were in place. A lot of our staff are emergency
CPR trained and they were there” the Rev. Knowles explained.
“One of our nurses was on campus, she was outside with the sport event, and she was
able to be right there in place. She came, rushed to our clinic, the ambulance was
called, they came in record time and until then we were doing everything, we could on
our side.”
Rev. Knowles highlighted that Dario was an ambitious youth leader and outstanding
student who was a loved leader to many of his peers.
“He [was] our head boy and just last week, I think it was, we did an installation of
him, and all of our senior leaders and I can say when he came on stage to get his tie
pinned on him the entire school went nuts. Everyone absolutely loved him.
“He [was] an extraordinary young man. You can put him in front as a poster for what
we want the young men of this nation to be and we’re all so heartbroken because of
it.” Rev. Knowles continued.
“He [was] smart, a devout Christian, he preach[ed], was involved in so many activities
that helped to build others up, he [was] not a selfish young man.

He [was] well-spoken, humble, very mannerly and caring and this is a very hard
moment for us and we’re praying for the family and we’re praying for the entire staff
at the Queen’s College Community,” Rev. Knowles said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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