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Health Minister Says Teen Never Tested For Dengue Fever Minister’s Comments Contradicts Mother’s

Dr. Hon. Michael Darville, Minister of Health

By: Licec Bastian

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Michael Darville said a 17-year-old male student
who died on Eleuthera on Sunday was never tested for dengue fever. The Health
Minister’s comment was in response to claims that he was diagnosed and given
Motrin for pain and contradicts what the teen’s mother told local media.
Chykino “Kenny” Thompson, a 17-year-old student of Central Eleuthera High School
died at his home less than a week after he was allegedly told he had Dengue fever.
Laquell Thompson told to a local daily as well as to a local news station that her son
“was told by medical personnel at the clinic in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, last week
Monday that he had dengue fever”.
However, when Dr. Darville spoke with reporters on Tuesday morning, he said that
the 12th grader was never tested and added that a full investigation will be conducted.
“The young man was never tested for dengue. The doctors saw him, they thought he
had an upper respiratory tract infection, or a viral phenomenon and he subsequently
sent him home.
“Now, I’m in contact with the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) and we are looking into
a full investigation surrounding the cause of death. If I may say we only have one
positive case of dengue on Eleuthera and it’s a 30-year-old woman from Rock Sound,
that case is confirmed,” Dr. Darville said.
Chykino’s mother further stated to the local daily that “he was given Motrin for the
pain, told to drink a lot of liquids and sent home; but she said [his] condition did not
improve, and he was weak throughout the week”.
But Dr. Darville said the teen was not given Motrin.
“Well, first of all to my understanding, the child was not given Motrin, the child was
given acetaminophen. Usually with these viral illnesses you stay away from aspirin or
any ibuprofen. There is no shortage of medicine as it relates to upper respiratory tract
infections,” Dr. Darville said.
He added that “the full investigation is ongoing with the death of the 17-year-old”.

Dr. Darville also extended his deepest condolences to the family and said his team is
in close contact with the physicians on the ground in Eleuthera.
“I assure the family and all of those on the island of Eleuthera that full investigation
surrounding this matter will be conducted,” Dr. Darville said.
Young Thompson died just one day after another a 17-year-old 12th grader, Queens
College head boy, Dario Rahming Jr collapsed and died on Saturday, while on the
school’s campus.
Minister of Education and Technical and Vocational Training Glenys Hanna-Martin
in a statement on behalf of her ministry extended heartfelt condolences to the parents
of young Rahming and Thompson, who both died suddenly.
“We all grieve the loss of these precious boys and pray that god strengthens their
parents and family members during this difficult time.
“Condolences are also extended to the faculty, staff and students of Queen’s College
and Central Eleuthera High.
“It is our prayer that their families, friends, loved ones and school communities find
strength and comfort in our God, who has promised to supply us with a level of peace
which surpasses all understanding.,” the statement read.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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