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Power Outages Affect Small Catering Businesses

Consistent unexpected power outages are beginning to affect the food industry during the hot summer months and for Cacique Catering CEO Chef Hesley Rolle, it’s forcing him to make food preparations ahead of time.    

Without power, raw meets are at risk for food contamination and can be a health a hazard, according to Chef Rolle.

“It kinda makes you very on edge the night before your event,” he explained.

“A lot of things have to be prepared in advanced like meats, like chicken, fish, and other meat items needs to be seasoned and stored ahead of time, a day before.

“There is a high risk or high chance that those food items can be become contaminated because they have not been stored in the right temperature to keep them good until you are ready to cook them.” 

If not, food contamination and electrical kitchen appliances that stop working can slow down the food preparation. 

That’s the dilemma another at-home catering company faces.

“I have to bake Johnny Cake for my business, but my baker is electric. So, when current go off and I have the Johnny Cake in the baker at that time, according to how long it takes for it to come on, literally have to threw it away,” the owner of Carey’s Souse and Soup Kitchen said.

“Sometimes I go by my daughter, who live in Cable Beach and I will do all my cooking and baking out there.”  

On Wednesday, Bahamas Power and Light issued a potential list of areas in New Providence that could be affected by load shedding in a three-hour rotation. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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