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Post Office Flooding Interrupts Workday

With over three inches of water settled on the ground floor of the General Post Office, more than 100 employees were forced to pack up and head home yesterday before noon.

According to Bahamas Public Services Union President John Pinder, employees arrived at work on Wednesday morning to find the ground floor of the building inundated with water.

“As you know for years now we have been fighting this problem with the post office as it relates to accommodations, malfunctioning air-condition system, plumbing leaking, bathrooms backing up and all the rest of it,” Mr. Pinder said.

“They don’t know where it is coming from. The whole savings bank was flooded out this morning, up to about three inches of water on the floor, coming pouring from the roof.”

Mr. Pinder said the General Post Office has been experiencing issues for years, only to be turned around and around with plans of relocation.

“The former government had made some decisions as relates to Town Center Mall, which was the easiest and the quickest fix and then they canceled those plans,” Mr. Pinder said.

“They then decided they would move to Tonique Darling Highway. That became a challenge from the residence of that area. That work has stopped.”

Mr. Pinder also stated that plans are now back on the drawing board for the Town Center Mall site, noting that it is a preference of the post office staff.

“We are now reviewing the plans for Town Center Mall, which to the staff and administration from their point of view is the easiest fix because they already have approved plans,” Mr. Pinder said.

“It’s only a matter of whether they would order new boxes or use the same old boxes, transfer the boxes there.”

Mr. Pinder further stated that since yesterday’s fiasco, it is more pressing that talks begin again in providing a suitable location for the employees.

“We have to now go and make that happen, as it relates to them starting that work,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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