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Post Office Demo Hits Bay Street


IMG_5011Still taking a stand against adverse working conditions, the staff of the post office took their protest from their doorstep at the general post office to Bay Street.

Armed with a plaqucards and pictures of mold and rats, workers from all of the post office branches gathered just two feet away from the House of  Assembly demanding that both the prime minister and minister responsible for the post office Frankie Campbell hear their cry.

The demonstrators said all of the post office branches on the island have mold, leaky roofs and or other health hazardous challenges.

“When it rains on the outside you might as well be on the  outside, because it pours inside and everywhere is flooded. We have mold as well. We want to go back to work! Every morning we go and sign in then come here. This is  not a fun thing for us, but we have to do this,” said a Cable Beach post office employee.

Workers from the general post office also shared sentiments that they do not want to hold up the mail or hinder the public, but the conditions are just not workable.

While passing ,Member of  Parliament Mark Humes  stopped to hear their cries  and received the full brunt of the fury from the dissatisfied crowd.

Mr. Humes offered advice from his time as union president at the University of the Bahamas that  also had a mold problem some time back, which caused health challenges.

When asked if he would work in those conditions,  he said it is really up to the individual,  but as for his personal experience at UB,  he knows that those who had experienced challenges got the verification from a medical physican before proceeding.

Mr.Humes said he thinks this is a ‘work through’ situation and encouraged the crowd to sit, push and work through the issue with their minister.

The Minister of Transport  who is  responsible for the Post Office, Frankie Campbell did address the issue in the House of Assembly,  reiterating that the  air conditioning  will be fixed soon.  He said  that he does not  take issue with the fact that 17 islands will not get their mail bags  this week because of the protests.

“I am satisfied that we should not be quick to judge them. Those 17 islands are their cousins and aunties”

He added that the government is committed to the welfare of the people and will see that they are getting the urgent attention that they deserve.

“In the time that I have been the minister, all and every effort have been made to resolve the issues that are outstanding. I would have meet with the staff, heads of departments and ministerial colleagues  in relation to the matters and while I am not pleased at where they are now, I am pleased to report that as a result of efforts that have been made  that there is relief coming in the shortest possible time,” Campbell said.

He said he wants the workers to know that the government is  doing everything  to bring the relief necessary to them in the shortest possible time.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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