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As the only other major mobile network in the country,  ALIV has made a brand for itself in an arena that was monopolized for years. Chief ALIV Officer (CAO) Damian Blackburn said creating the brand ALIV has been a fantastic journey.

“It’s been an amazing year, clearly.  Launching this a year ago was an incredible achievement and a real highlight, but I supposed the main highlight is working with all the talented Bahamians in the ALIV team.

“It is a Bahamian company, but it was brand new a year ago, [and] we’re delighted with what we did and the brand position we gained.

“But really, it’s the way the brands been received. It has  been fantastic and the absolute trust and the sense of pride in the Bahamian people about creating a brand like ALIV in your community, it’s been fantastic,” Mr. Blackburn stated.

Celebrating its first anniversary, Mr. Blackburn admitted that there have been challenges, which he says the company worked its way through.

“Every business man or women would tell you that of course, there are things that we would do differently, but we are delighted with what we’ve done.

“There has been kinks in the road along the way, but we’ve straightened them out and we’ve taken the challenges head on and we’re proud of what was done.

“We could have done some things differently, but we took the journey we did,” Mr. Blackburn boasted.

He said that challenges with competition, only makes a company stronger.

“The whole nature of competition is a challenge, and there’s no specific challenge except that we’ve got to be on our game every day.

“The ALIV team come to work every morning, bringing their A-game with them so that we can meet any challenge that comes from competition or otherwise.

“Competition makes everybody stronger as hopefully you all now see,” Mr. Blackburn said.

With 85,000 customers, Mr. Blackburn said that the team at  ALIV  has  work hard and that in itself is a highlight of the company.

“We’ve assembled [that] team in record speed. They’ve shown great passion, enthusiasm, creativity and motivation to bring The Bahamas ALIV,” he said.

Mr. Blackburn credited “the 85,000 customers who have shown absolute faith in our service and use it every day and we’re very, very proud.  That’s a big highlight for so many people to show faith in what we’ve been saying, and we welcome everybody else to join us in this next year,” Mr. Blackburn said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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