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There were 11 fatal and nine non-fatal police involved shootings in 2018, and after each, a community is left resentful, demanding answers from authorities.

However, as Commissioner of Police, Anthony Ferguson, candidly put it when questioned on the issue during his annual press briefing Tuesday, in the war on crime, these things are bound to happen.

“In any war, there are casualties, there are casualties,” he said.

“And so if you are confronting the police, more than likely there will be casualties, and there is a judicial part of the system that will adjudicate over that.”

Body cameras are in part expected to hold officers accountable.

As the Commissioner initially explained, officers wearing them will not be able to alter the images, which are to be downloaded at a different location.

“We believe in being transparent and so very very soon, you will see body cameras  being worn,” he said.

“We are very very close to acquiring that.

“I spoke to you and I know you may say Commissioner you told us about testing body cameras  for a little while now.

“But, I can tell you that it is much closer today than it has been.

“So, you’ll find that the Ministry of National Security will be making a statement on who will be awarded the contract to provide the body cams for the Royal Bahamas Police Force,” said Mr. Ferguson.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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