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Police Chief “Disgraced” By Crime

Commissioner of Police, Ellison Greenslade called an urgent press conference yesterday afternoon to share his disgrace in the wake of the country’s 11th murder for the New Year.


“For the year to date, we have recorded, in The Bahamas, New Providence predominantly, 11 murders, that is a disgrace. Those murders that were recorded were perpetrated by young men in our communities who are our family members.”


The commissioner is calling on the residents of the communities affiliated with the recent crime to speak out and turn in information on eight wanted men.


The commissioner declares that there are many people who have information the police needs.


“Members in this community are well aware of who these people are,” he said.


“I’m of the firm view once these people are in custody, they will tell us more about their friends, their associates, and more about what they’ve done.’


The commissioner lists the wanted men as followed: Amal Hunter aka “BOW”, Shawn Brown aka “Fire”, Christopher Joseph aka “Deebo”, Anton Wright “banton”, Mark Mckenzie, Alfred Bastian, Patrick Goffee, Mario Deveaux aka Mario Fox.


Greenslade urged the general public at yesterday’s conference to stay away from the wanted men.


As he refers to the men as “prolific serial killers.”


“[These men] have no respect for anyone, the country let alone almighty God. They cannot remain free in our communities, I repeat, they cannot remain free to continue to create fear and to commit more serious crimes.”


The commissioner says some of the men have been in wanted matters since last year, 2016.


“I will come back to you as a press core, to let you know how successful we’ve been in retrieving these men,” Mr. Greenslade said.


“We are going to follow the letter of the law in pursuit of these offenders; I’ve asked officers to be firm but to follow the law.”


Mr. Greenslade also gave information on what most of the matters appear to be about. He lists the matters as being drugs, gang affiliation, and relationship issues.


“These people are not prepared to allow the court to deal with their matter, nor to speak to law enforcement,” he said.


The commissioner says the police are well equipped with resources to get these criminals off the street, but they demand that the community has a part to play in solving all crimes.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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