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Nygard’s Amazingly Strong Sense of Corporate Responsibility

By P.J. Malone

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard just announced the opening of two new state-of-the-art Breast Cancer Research Units, which reflects his dedication to helping women through breast cancer research.

The Nygard International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit and Breast Cancer Tumour Bank are located in the Manitoba Breast Cancer research Centre, the only one of its kind in the world. Women the world over will be benefiting from the global medical research studies taking place at these NYGARD Breast Cancer Research Units.

Its press release indicates, “World renowned scientists will work together to eradicate breast cancer. Their goal is to diagnose breast cancer earlier so they can target individual treatment to patients. The Breast Cancer Tumour Bank currently houses more than 4,000 different types of breast cancer tumours.”

His recent contribution to this vexing challenge for women and all of his contributions the world over speak volumes of Peter Nygard’s generosity of spirit and loving nature.

The world is grateful for Peter Nygard as seen through the many honors and recognitions he’s received. His most recent recognition of his generosity of character and good will occurred just days ago in Canada.

The Winnipeg cavalry regiment recognized Peter Nygard for his leadership and support of the Canadian military. They appointed him Honorary Caption to the legendary Fort Garry Horse Regiment and elected him Senator to the Fort Garry Horse Regiment Senate.

If we go back just 15 years, Mr. Nygard has received a slew of awards in recognition of his great humanitarian commitment to giving back and helping others.

In 2002, Nygard received the Patriot Award for the support of Canadian and American Forces and the United States of America in the war against terrorism. The award’s criteria require demonstration of “exceptional and rare patriotic action on the part of an individual or corporation”.

In 2003, Nygard was recognized by industry giant Microsoft as a gold medal winner for technological excellence.

In 2004, Peter Nygard was inducted into the University of North Dakota Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. The award signifies Nygard’s innovative spirit in many areas like building products, processes, technologies, businesses and organizations and for solving problems and inventing new concepts.

In 2006 and other years, Peter Nygard was featured in the Manitoba Profiles In Business Excellence publication. It’s publisher stated, “We wanted to feature “impact” people, people who may have influenced the lives of many of our readers, Manitobans, Canadians and even the world with either their products or services.”

In 2008 in The Bahamas, Peter Nygard was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions in fashion.

In 2009 Nygard’s company was recognized by Canada’s Manitoba Business Magazine as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2009.

In 2011, The Bahamas Tribune thought to recognize Peter Nygard through its article, “Nygard Should Be Commended for His Contribution to Bahamian sports”. It stated, “Over the years, Canadian businessman Peter Nygard has been quietly making a valuable contribution to the development of sports in the country.” It also opined that Nygard should be commended especially given that sponsors are few and far between in the tough economic times.

Nygard has been known to, among others, sponsor regattas, sponsor a Boxing hopeful in achieving his Olympics dream, sponsor the Golden Girls the year of their Olympic Gold and other Bahamas Olympic teams over the years, and gave $10,000 to an Andros youth camp.

In 2011, Nygard was also inducted into Manitoba Manufactures Hall of Fame. The Award celebrates “visionaries who have demonstrated leadership in the development of their companies and success in their industries”.

In 2012 during The Bahama Journal Silver Jubilee Anniversary celebrations, Jones Communications presented Peter Nygard with an award honoring his achievements and contributions.

In 2013, Peter Nygård was presented with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal “in recognition for his philanthropic work raising money and awareness for cancer research and for his outstanding contributions to Canada and the Commonwealth”.  Additionally, The Bahama Journal noted that in 2003, Queen Elizabeth II also awarded her Golden Jubilee medal to Peter Nygård as someone who, during her reign “helped create the Canada of today, and to recognize Mr. Nygård for outstanding and exemplary achievement to Canada as a whole.”

Nygard’s countless giving is too numerous to mention: examples include though the thousands he gave to our special needs school, to golfing, to sailing programs, to boxing, to volleyball development, to community programs and to Junkanoo. He’s also generously given to aid specific individuals with medical challenges like Winston Gus Cooper, Carlos Mackey, and others.

Then there is the time Nygard directed his company’s private jet—without being asked—to take one of his employees to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for treatment when she was ill; and the time he surprised a volunteer with a $10,000 check toward the annual meal she organizes each year to feed senior citizens and children’s groups in the United States.

However, dearest to Nygard’s heart is his goal of eradicating cancer. He uses his NYGARD for Life charitable platform that is involved in a number of initiatives and involves donations in the millions each year. Nygard has given away many millions over the course of his lifetime.

It is always interesting to look at the interplay between the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’ of the world. Some individuals, once successful, want nothing to do with less fortunate individuals.

Fortunately, not everyone has that mindset. Some individuals recognize that what they have achieved in their lives comes not just from hard work—if it did, then every hard working individual on earth would be a member of the ‘Haves’: Yes, great success may come from hard work, determination, and the smarts to make it happen, but it can also come from opportunities, choices made, and the helping hand of others.

Whatever may bring about an individual’s success, how the individual views himself or herself in the context of that success is what matters to many. If the ‘Have Nots’ view themselves as having made it without the help of anyone, without a belief in the need to share or give back, without a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves, then those individuals are not seen as desirable citizens of the world.

When successful people have a sense of responsibility to their fellow men, have a desire to share of their bounty, or even see themselves as lucky or blessed—‘there go I but for the grace of God’—those individuals are viewed as very worthy and valuable citizens of the world.

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard is seen as a very valuable citizen of the world and we are proud to call him one of our own.

We need more ‘Haves’ like Peter Nygard.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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