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PM To Answer “Special Interest” Attack

 Prime Minister Doctor Hubert Minnis has  responded  to the Opposition’s criticism that the  2019/2020  budget  is  a budget of special interest.

Dr. Minnis maintains that his government is for young people adding that he will address that in his contribution to the budget on Wednesday.

“I will define what special interest is and I will show where our priority lies and I will assure you that our priority lie with the young people, with the women and with the future of this country. 

“We believe in succession planning, we believe in transparency and I will demonstrate to you that our priority is with the development of this country and having a better future and the young people represents the future, and that’s what I will demonstrate,” he said.   

While in opposition the Dr. Minnis criticized the former PLP administration for their excessive amount of travel and money paid to consultants.

In this new budget both areas saw significant increases.

The Prime Minister  said he will also address that in his contribution next week.

“I would want you to listen to me very carefully on Wednesday of next week when I speak;  all of that will be addressed.  I don’t want to pre -empt what I am going to say next week. 

“The increase in travel, my travel to the family island, all of that will be addressed. So I want you to listen attentively and very carefully,” he said.     

Written by Jones Bahamas

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