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PM Supports More Women in Parliament

The government of The Bahamas is committed to ensuring that a wider representation of women in parliament is made a reality, according to Prime Minister Perry Christie who pointed to the disproportionate number of women in parliament and politics as an injustice.

As keynote speaker for the opening ceremony for the regionalCommonwealth Women Parliamentary Association (CWPA)special call meeting held on Thursday at the Melia Resort, the prime minister said that although the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the Free National Movement (FNM) had a number of female representatives in parliament over the years, both parties still have a long way to go to bring about a fair balance.

“Through it all, let us remain ever mindful that our society has changed and is changing still, women are now front and centre in so many spheres of our national life that it really does draw attention to the injustice of having such as disproportionately small number of women in Parliament and in politics generally,” Mr. Christie said.

“We all need to work to correct this imbalance. All of us were raised and nurtured by women, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt or an older sister. We have that innate respect for women and we value the role of women and we know what they are capable of achieving. It is left to us, therefore, to as a prime minister, I can give you every assurance that I personally intend – just as my party intends – to advance the agenda for women’s participation at the party level, in terms of input into practical government decisions and in terms of promoting increased participation of women at all levels of our political system, including the halls of parliament.”

Female parliamentarians from around the globe attended the meetings on May 22and 23 in an effort to further discuss ways to increase female representation in parliament and issues affecting women worldwide.
Minister of Transport and Aviation and Regional Chairperson for the CWPA Glenys Hanna- Martin, said that a fair balance is needed for the deepening of democracy and encouraged women to unite and speak to the issues affecting women.
“We must stretch our hand across the seas and create links of solid steal, unbreakable, this is the task of invincible womanhood,” she said.

“In our own countries we must find a mutual ground despite our political differences, we must work to revoke the vitriol that often times mars our parliamentary proceedings and we must push forward a for constructive principle dialogue, we must create cultural shifts.”

The meetings ended with a close session in which a steering committee was formed to carry out the CWPA’s objectives.

A blue print or strategic action plan was also developed in an effort to increase the amount of women in parliament moving forward.

The meetings were held under the theme, Women: “The voice, the vote, the victory.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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