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PM –‘No Vote” A Setback

Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday said the failure of the referendum on gender equality was a setback for constitutional reform, but it is by no means an end to it.

The prime minister responded to the defeat in the House of Assembly Wednesday morning, during the 2016 Budget Debate.

In the midst of the disappointment, Mr. Christie stated that he will continue in the belief that Bahamian “sons and daughters” deserve equal rights in our constitution and equal treatment under the laws.

He added that “when the dust clears”, there will be room and time for proper reflection.

“Instead the programme of constitutional reform must continue. How, when and in what form it will continue will be the subject of further consultations with my Cabinet, the Constitutional Commission, the Opposition and civil society. In the meantime, in the wake of the vigorous and fractious debate that we have just come through, we must now find ways to bridge our differences as we continue our struggle for a better and brighter future for all our people,” said Mr. Christie.

The prime minister commended the Bahamian people for their participation in yesterday’s exercise, and he also thanked those individuals who fought valiantly for the passage of the bills leading up to yesterday, in particular the constitutional commission lead by Sean McWeeney, QC.

Included in that list of gratitude was Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner, who publicly campaigned in favour of the yes vote.

“I also commend the female leaders on my side, including female members of Cabinet who fought valiantly as well. I also want to thank our former Governors-General and Founding Fathers, Sir Arthur Foulkes and Sir Orville Turnquest, for sharing their voices in support of the cause for male-female equality that lay at the heart of the referendum,” the prime minister continued.

“I hope you will all join me, too, in extending my appreciation to all who played an honest and sincere part in the public discourse of the constitutional bills, including the media and the leaders of the religious community. They deserve our thanks for their contribution to the vibrancy of our democracy,” he said.

Mr. Christie noted that the framework of the education campaign for the gender equality referendum was based on bipartisan support.

Meantime, Mr. Christie gracefully accepted Tuesday’s outcome.

“Yesterday’s referendum was fair, transparent and open. And the result was certainly clear. The voice of the people has sounded in the land. It needs to be respected and honoured. And it will be,” he said.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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