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Minnis : PLP Hurting Tourism

Leader of The Opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis is blaming the current government for possibly harming the country’s tourism product due their ineptness.

In a press release Minnis slammed the current administration after the government of Canada issued an advisory to all persons travelling to the country.

“Tourism is the lifeblood of our economy, yet this Government’s continued failures are threatening the industry. Yesterday it was reported that the Canadian Government once again took steps to warn their country to be weary of travelling here because of the ‘high rates of crime.”

“Canadians visit The Bahamas at the second highest rate, second only to the United States – another country that recently issued their own travel warning. We cannot afford to have these tourists frightened away – it will cripple our industry! ”

Minnis added that the skyrocketing crime rate has garnered negative media attention for the country and statistics have shown that the tourism numbers have been slow for the first part of the year.

“Record high murder rates, and countless stories of the latest violent crime dominating the front page of our papers have had a chilling effect on the entire country and it continues to bleed out beyond our islands. As horrific as the crime rate has become, what’s more astounding is the lack of action from the Government.”

“The Central Bank painted a clear picture when they reported that The Bahamas’ tourism sector was slowing over the first quarter of this year and the prospects for the future are not any better. The people demand to know when this Government will act.”

He also added that current government have failed to deliver on campaign promises they made leading up to last year’s election and that ultimately whatever strategy they had to improve the country has failed.

“Four years ago they promised to root out crime, but it has only gotten worse. Four years ago they promised to re-invigorate our tourism industry, but instead tourism is spiralling downward, and now these two major issues slam into each other and we find ourselves at a crossroad but unfortunately for Bahamians the PLP is lost.”

“This is an issue of life and death — our people are suffering through staggering crime, coupled with the negative impact the crime epidemic has on our economy. The PLP’s recent election-year budget failed to offer any assurances that they understand the severity of this problem.

“No more broken promises and empty rhetoric, Bahamians deserve to know if their Government has a plan of action. And from what we’ve seen, sadly for the people of The Bahamas – this Government clearly does not have a plan.”

This is not the first time the country has been issued a travel advisory during the current administration, the US State Department issued a similar warning in 2015.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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