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PM: Gov’t To Balance Economic Development

Prime  Minister Doctor  Hubert Minnis in his address to  a congregation of Free National Movement supporters yesterday sought to clear up some misinformation about the Lighthouse Point Development in South Eleuthera.

Addressing  them at the second anniversary service at Cousin AME Church on Carmichael  Road, the Prime Minister  PM noted that the government is  seeking to balance the economic and environmental protection and preservation with this project. 

“While some have spread certain stories for their own private interests, others have noted that the Disney project is a model of careful, balanced development. The PLP also did not support this development. 

“The  PLP  and some other private interests don’t care about the needs of the people of South Eleuthera, who have been suffering and in need of jobs, opportunities and hope for a long time,” he said.  

Dr. Minnis  noted that it’s as if some people don’t care about the needs of the majority, especially those who desperately need jobs and economic opportunities to care for themselves and their families.

However,  he gave the assurance that the FNM government is different. 

“The  FNM is the party  that doubled the size of the National Park System. 

“The FNM is the party that instituted Environmental Impact Assessments. In this spirit, we will remain faithful stewards of our environment,” the Prime Minister said. 

Dr. Minnis maintains the government will ensure high environmental standards and safeguards with investment projects by Bahamians and international investors.

In October 2018 the government approved Disney’s proposal for the construction of a  $250 million  to $400 million  Cruise Port and Entertainment facility at Lighthouse Point,  South Eleuthera.

In March of this year the Heads of Agreement between the government and Disney was signed in private,  resulting in heaving criticism from the Opposition, environmentalists  and members of the public.

However the Prime Minister  maintains that his deal is in the best interest of Bahamians. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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