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PM: Gov’t On Track

The impressive list of promises laid out by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) while on the recent campaign trail will be realised within the new government’s first 100 days in office said Prime Minister Perry Christie as he spoke to reporters about his government’s performance in office thus far.

Mr. Christie said that already the government’s crime fighting initiatives have begun to produce significant results and he predicted that in a short time the country will have an even clearer picture of the dent his administration has put in crime.

The prime minister dismissed recent attacks from his opponents as political silliness and insisted that his government’s performance in the two months since it was elected to office has been exemplary.

“I am amused, really, by the politics of governance today,” the prime minister said. “There’s a lot of anxiety on the part of elements in the Opposition to question what we [the government] are doing. When we won the election foremost on the agenda was the question of crime and joblessness.”

“I have always said that we are accountable for both…we have a duty and a responsibility to keep those who live and visit our country and in due time people will see the tangible progress we have made and continue to make as we add to the implementation to fight crime and the fear of crime and the deepening of Urban Renewal 2.0.”

While Mr. Christie says he is confident that his government’s crime fighting strategy is working, he admitted that tackling the nation’s dismal fiscal challenges remain an uphill battle, but nonetheless, he maintained that even in that regard, there is reason to be optimistic.

The prime minister’s optimism comes from recent meetings he has had with potential investors and he promised a positive turnaround for Grand Bahama.

“I am saying to the people of Grand Bahama [that] there is reason to have hope. There are a number of matters on the drawing board, some of which are receiving the attention of the government,” Mr. Christie said.

“We have a new ministry that has been appointed specifically to bring added focus to Grand Bahama. The new minister has been working assiduously, meeting also with would-be investors and I personally have discussed and been the beneficiary of hearing some exciting possibilities for Grand Bahama.”

Mr. Christie, however, was unable to give a timeframe as to when this turnaround for Grand Bahama and the rest of the country will begin. But, he maintained that progress is being made.
The PLP campaigned heavy with a detailed list of what it planned to do in its first 100 days in office if elected.

The Christie administration is well over the halfway mark of its first 100 days in office and the prime minister maintained that the evidence is there to show that his administration has made considerable progress.

“The fact of the matter is you can just look and feel differently today. There is a different feeling in this country and it is going to get better,” he said. “Whatever the numbers are – whether it’s in crime or whatever it is – keep on judging and measuring and I think you will see measurable progress being made.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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