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PM Envisages New Home For Parliament

The parliament of The Bahamas is amongst the oldest in the Western Hemisphere and now plans may be underway to bring this institution into the 21st century as it relates to its current housing facilities.

During a post-election seminar held at the Atlantis Resort yesterday, Prime Minster Perry Christie said, it is time for parliament to reflect a modern society and that efforts must be arranged to constitutionally have this done very soon.

“I would like to appear before a committee of the House of Assembly as the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance with the view to making specific recommendations about the establishment of a new parliament that would house both the House of Assembly and the Senate, that would embrace the principles of all the modern conveniences in the House of Assembly inclusive of offices for members of parliament,” the prime minister said.

“All accountability, all transparency, all fair, the county must do that to bring into modern practices a level of effective governance for the people we represent.”

The seminar brought together local and former parliamentarians including parliamentary representatives from throughout the Commonwealth who discussed a wide range of topics relating to the role of parliament during the one-day session.

Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Hubert Minnis agreed with the prime minister noting that some things are simply beyond politics and supports the idea.

“We’re talking on building an institution moving forward where the parliamentarians can function properly, have proper governance, research and the necessary tools,” he said.
“I think it’s time, technology has advanced and the parliament must likewise keep up. You cannot run an institution or a government as we do today in the dark ages, we must move forward.”

Mr. Chrisite said it has not been decided as to where this new facility would be but a decision would have to be made soon due to the rate of development in the capital.

He also renewed calls for a prime minister’s residence, stressing that The Bahamas may be the only country in the world to have not have one.

“When we entertain guest on behalf of the country we have to go in the case of the former Prime Minster and myself either in a dining room of a hotel or burrowing Sol Kerzner’s suite in his hotel to entertain on behalf of the Bahamian people for guest coming into this country because we have not yet put that in place,” he said.

This year will mark 285 years that parliament has existed in The Bahamas.

The buildings in parliament square which house both the house of assembly and the senate were constructed back in 1815 by the loyalists.

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