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Murder Victim’s Mom Says Police Are Harassing Her

The mother of one of the country’s most recent murder victims said since her son’s death three weeks ago, police have been coming to her house every few days and harassing her and her neighbours.

Carlos Colebrooke was killed on March 15 after being shot to the head while driving a Honda Accord through Marrow Lane off East Street South.

“He died on March 15 and since then I have been harassed by the police,” his mother, Julie Hutchinson told the Bahama Journal yesterday.

“Three days after that the police came in full force to my house with guns. It was about 12-14 cars. They came and jumped the fence and came in the yard. People who were there just to give me their sympathies were harassed as well. I asked them what they wanted because Carlos had already died and they said they were looking for guns. I told them no guns were there and asked them, to leave the property.”

Ms. Hutchinson told the Journal the police never showed her any papers giving them the authority to come into her home.

“My daughter also asked them to leave and the police pushed her,” she said.

“They eventually left but they came back two days later. They came Monday this week no one was home but we left someone in the yard and they went in my house and I feel that was an invasion of privacy. They even went next door and searched my tenant’s property. I’m just trying to figure out why they are still coming around if Carlos is already dead. I just want to be left alone to grieve my son.”

As a result of the police randomly coming to her house, Ms. Hutchinson said people are afraid to come by.

“They also don’t know how to speak to people,” she said.

“They talk to you like you’re less than a dog.

Prior to the incident with Carlos, Ms. Hutchinson said she had another son, Regis Pinder, who was killed in August last year.

“I was harassed by them after his death as well,” she told the Journal.

“They would come to my house and mess up the house. Anytime you saw a murder they would come for Carlos, keep him for about 96 hours and then let him go. I feel like they were the ones who contributed to his death. They would put his pictures on television and say he was wanted for this and that but would never say that he was released. I’m just tired of it all. I went to the Police Complaints Unit and I’ve tried to get to see Commissioner [Ellison] Greenslade but that’s like fighting a losing battle.”

She said one time some officers came to her home and broke the locks off her security door.

“For two to three weeks I didn’t feel safe because they promised to fix the locks and they didn’t,” Ms. Hutchinson said.

“I eventually ended up buying the locks. Urban Renewal in the area is no help either. The officer in charge does not show you any respect. I just want to live in peace and bury my son; the police are just coming and not giving me any answers. Someone needs to tell me exactly what’s going on.”

Families of All Murdered Victims (FOAM) President Khandi Gibson told the Bahama Journal last week that too often, members of her organisation go on murder scenes in particular and witness officers “speaking harshly” towards family members and other members of the public.

“We know that there are many good officers on the force but there are also many of them that need attitude adjustments when it comes to dealing with murdered victims’ families,” she said at the time.

“We often go on murder scenes and the way some of the officers treat the families is sad. There is no compassion and we ask for that because it’s our loved one that is dead, that has been shot or stabbed. So often the officers now just have a don’t care attitude and that shouldn’t be because grieving is a time when people go through so many emotions.”

Ms. Gibson said she has spoken to Commissioner Ellison Greenslade about the bad attitudes and know that he is trying to address it in the best way possible.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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