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PLP to take Action against “Slave Shaming”

Opposition Leader Philip “Brave” Davis said the actions toward his former Cabinet colleague Shane Gibson, as he was hauled before the courts on bribery, extortion and misconduct charges, were inhumane and the Progressive Liberal Party will demonstrate against such actions.

With last Thursday’s court appearance involving the third former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Cabinet minister to face such charges, Mr. Davis said on Friday that his party is “unsettled” about what has been taking place over the last few months.

When the former minister of labour was escorted to the Magistrate’s Court by police in handcuffs, he walked with a limp, as he was recovering from recent surgery.

Mr. Davis feels this was an infringement of Gibson’s rights, particularly due to the fact that, according to Mr. Davis, he was not given the option of walking with crutches which were “medically ordered.”

“I was appalled and outraged at the way Shane Gibson, my former Cabinet colleague, was dealt with by the police today. It was obvious that the man was in physical pain. I am advised that he is recently recovering from surgery. It appears that none of this was taken into account as he was dragged to court, hobbling this afternoon,” Mr. Davis said.

“His rights did not end upon his detention, arrest or having been charged. It is the enjoyment of rights that preserve the dignity of human existence. PLPs and others of goodwill are unsettled about what is taking place and where this is taking this country.”

Mr. Davis, also the former deputy prime minister, in adopting Senator Fred Mitchell’s terminology that the Minnis administration is “slave shaming” former PLP ministers, called again for a stop to it.

“While we are slave shaming former ministers of the government in non-violent alleged infractions of the law, there has been an avalanche of violence in criminal activities in our island which the FNM has been unable to staunch. It is simply shameful what transpired today,” Mr. Davis said.

He added that the PLP in a collective effort will soon come together and take action against these recent events.

In May, former BAIC Chairman and Deputy House Speaker Dion Smith was held overnight for questioning in regards to stealing by way of employment, but he was later vindicated.

Last month, at separate times, Former Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett and Former Public Hospitals Authority Chairman Frank Smith both faced multiple charges of bribery and extortion.

They were released on $50,000 bail by the Supreme Court.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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