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PLP Convention Postponed

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts explained that the much anticipated PLP convention was postponed in an effort to maintain a level of unity leading up to the constitutional referendum on gender equality.

“The leadership of the party decided that we should post pone the convention until after the constitional referendum so that all our energy and focus should be on bringing about equality for our women in our country,” he said.

“There is an indication are that the opposition is considering to delay their convention as well.”

He further explained that political conventions tend to stir division.

“When one goes into conventions, one targets the opposing party, you don’t go in there to make love to yourself you go in there to advance your program and to sock it to your opponent, the political conventions I have attended all my life that’s been the focus and we felt that we ought not to engage in such an exercise since we agreed with the opposition that we would support the referendum,” he said.

Mr. Roberts further dismissed concerns that delaying the convention may have stemmed from leaders in the PLP may not being ready to have their leadership positions challenged.

“That’s hog wash, that’s rubbish the PLP is a democratic organisation and the leaders invite competition, Mr. Christie had more persons that any other political party challenge him, look at the record of the FNM, how many times have the FNM been challenged,” he asked.

“If you look at the record of the PLP it is clear, Mr. Christie (prime minister) loves a fight and the same for Mr. Davis (deputy leader).”

He added however that the mini conventions in the Family Islands would continue as the party plans to host a convention in Exuma next month.

The government had originally set the constitutional referendum for November 6 but decided to delay it to next year and no official date has been given as yet.

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis on the other hand was unable to confirm if his party would also delay their convention.

He told the Bahama Journal that a decision would probably be made this month during the party’s council meeting.

At this time, Dr. Minnis stressed that his party is committed to have the PLP given the boot in the next general elections.

“I don’t know what internal problems the PLP has at this particular time, we the FNM are more concerned about winning the government because this government is the worst that we have ever seen, the worst ever and its essential to save this country, they must be removed ” he said.

“We don’t know who is in charge, whether the prime minster or the additional 17 independent ministers that sit in that Cabinet, we don’t know who is in charge, the Bahamian people nor the FNM would allow them to take us down this road of destruction.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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