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Police Brutality Claims Under Investigation

The mother of a 16-year-old teen who claimed that he was abducted, brutally beaten by police officers and left in a graveyard confirmed that police officers have contacted her regarding the incident as officials investigate the matter.

It was last week Wednesday, when Santino Oliver and his mother Shermantha Lightbourne filed an official statement at the Complaints and Corruptions Unit at the Police Headquarters.

Since then, Ms. Lightbourne confirmed that she received a call from an officer from that unit on Saturday.

She added that the officer has been ‘very helpful’ so far.

Ms. Lightbourne further revealed that officials from the police force visited her home on Saturday to gain more information from Santino and his brother.

At this time, Ms. Lightbourne told the Bahama Journal that she expects for the matter to be resolved quickly.

“The only thing I can do now is wait and see, I followed all the necessary procedures, I did everything that I needed to do, the ball is now in their court, I just have to wait and see where it goes from here,” she said.

“We gave them all of the necessary information that they need right now to point out who these officers are, I don’t see why it should drag on because these officers can be easily identified, my son can identify the officers, there is no need for the situation to be dragged out because some of the information that my son gave them, the situation can be easily investigated, a conclusion should not be long as far as I see it.”

The Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade vowed to personally look into Santino’s claims during a press conference last week Thursday.

Commissioner Greenslade also expressed that he strongly believes that police officers would not have abducted the teen.

“Police officers, acting as police officers cannot abduct a person; that’s just a non issue that does not make any sense, police officers can arrest people, police officers can take people into custody say to them they are arrested and take them to a police station that is what police officers can do,” he said.

“So anybody behaving in the fashion you (Bahama Journal) described cannot be police officers.”

However, on Sunday in response to what the commissioner said, Santino’s mother suggested that the commissioner may have made a pre-mature assumption.

“The first thing he said is that he had just become aware of the situation, you didn’t do any type of investigation yet so how is it that you can all of a sudden come to this conclusion,” she asked.

“If they choose to deny it we have no option but to take it another way, I have no intention of letting this rest until my son receives the justice that he deserves. No one expects that it would be them in my position, so until it happens to you I feel like everyone has an opinion. He is the commissioner of police so I would expect him to jump to the defence of his officers he doesn’t want the police force to look as bad as it is but if you deal with the truth as it is and you bring these officers out to the light and stop covering up and hiding for them then I don’t think these” incidents would happen as often.”

During that press conference the Commissioner assured that the police will maintained its level of transparency and have the law fully levied on any officer found to be responsible for the beating of Santino.

In regards to the teenager’s condition, his mother said he is making good progress with his physical healing; however she admitted that his emotional state of mind is in need of great help as she is now seeking special assistance for her son whom she say has been left traumatised by the horrific experience.

“He is coming along fine, he is healing up pretty well but he is a little traumatised, he is still having nightmares and wondering why this happened to him but as far as the physical he is doing good; just the mental part of it he is dealing with,” she said.

“We actually have an appointment tomorrow for him to see someone and speak with someone, I have never been through it so I don’t know how to help him, I’m trying to do what I can as a mother but with his emotional state of mind, I don’t know what to do, I’m stuck. I never thought it would happen to my child, I never thought I’ll be the mother on the news appealing for help so I’m trying to get him some help. He has been having a lot of nightmares, I have actually had to wake him up out of his sleep because he wakes up fighting and not aware of where he is so that is what we’re dealing with right now.”

She added that today, she and her son will visit their pastor at the Church of God for counselling and to receive direction to a specialist to assist Santino cope with the traumatic experience.

Santino suffered numerous fractures to his face and he told the Bahama Journal yesterday that he now suffers from headaches and fears going to sleep.

“I can still see flash backs from it, my mummy, she says she had to wake me up because I was fighting in my sleep, it causes major headaches, it feels like I just got beat up,” he said.

“I can’t go sleep sometimes, sometimes she would wake up 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and still meet me up, and I’m scared to go sleep because of the nightmares.”

It was last week Wednesday when the Bahama Journal broke the story regarding the incident in which Santino said that he was threaten to be killed if he reported the act of brutality to anyone.

He told the Bahama Journal that he was taken from a residence by two police officers in an unidentified car where he ended up at the Carmichael Road Police Station; he said that during the entire ride to the station, he was beaten and threatened.

While at the police station Santino said he was kept in the car while an officer went to charge his phone.

Thereafter he was driven to Cowpen Road and was beaten until he was unconscious.

Santino said he woke up in the grave yard at Southern Cemetery.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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