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Palmdale Primary To Get New Computers

Students of the Palmdale Primary School can expect brand new computers to be added their inventory.

During the school’s culmination of Cyber Week recently, Member of Parliament for Farm Road and Centerville and Prime Minister of The Bahamas Perry Christie, promised to outfit the school’s computer lab with five to 10 computers.

“Knowing I was coming here today, I called the school and asked the teacher, I presume, is connected to the computer lab, whether the computers were all functioning and whether there was a continuing need, and she said there are some of them not working efficiently…. about five or ten.

“And so, I want to simply say that as a result of this visit, I’m going to provide the five or ten computers that the school need,” Mr. Christie said.

Speaking to the teachers and students at the special assembly on the topic “Technology in Education: Unlocking the Future”, Mr. Christie acknowledged the importance of technology in education being ‘tech savvy’.

“The way of the future in our country has to be technology, there is no question that for us to cope in a rapidly changing world and a very competitive region, we are going to have to master technology.

“There is nothing stronger than coming to Palmdale Primary and seeing your commitment to it,” Mr. Christie said.

Mr. Christie also told the teachers that they have a greater challenge to the students at the school.

“The challenge to the school is to ascertain, determine the gifts these children have,” Mr. Christie encouraged.

“Teachers, in the modern day of technology and understanding the different degrees of learning and learning disabilities, there are children who are effected by forms of Attention Deficit Disorders.

“As we celebrate this Cyber Week and as we look at the extent to which technology should be introduced in the school, I want to be able to tell you that the basic assessment of a child’s ability to absorb learning must constantly be your challenge.

“Sometimes what we communicate to the child as a parent, as a teacher, could in fact, cause them to be disincentivize, cause them to be thinking that maybe ‘I can’t do this, maybe I’m not smart, I’m not able to do the things the teacher is asking me or my mummy and daddy expect me to do’,” Mr. Christie said.

Mr. Christie further went on to share that the present administration has invested in introducing technology into all the schools at all levels and went to excite the students by stating that they would be a part of that investment.

“As we look at technology and we recognize that this administration has made the largest single investment in technology in our schools in education’s history and it is important that our children understands how we should uses our computers.

“I made a contribution to the schools in my area some $40,000 or $50,000 worth of computers and I made it simply because it is such a necessary instrument for our young children.

“We take seriously our relationship with the schools, I want the principal to know and I want you, the teachers to know that anything we can do to advance the education and the quality of it in the school we are prepared to assist,” Mr. Christie said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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