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Pair Sentenced For Murder

Two juveniles who were tried as teens were sentenced as adults yesterday in respect to their connection with a murder that occurred in 2014.

Deangelo Johnson and Mario Whyms – both 18 – appeared before Justice George Hilton, who sentenced the pair to 40 and 25 years respectively for the 2014 murder of James Cordero Farrington.

Johnson, who received the harsher of the two sentences, as it was found that he was the shooter appeared very despondent in court, showing little emotion as the sentences were being handed down.

Justice Hilton in his sentence explanation said he took into consideration the age of both individuals, with both being minors when the crime was committed.

“I feel that both of the men before me can be rehabilitated, even though they didn’t receive the penalty and the crime wasn’t considered to be the worst of the worst, they shot a man multiple times on a busy street so I still consider them to be a detriment to society,” Justice Hilton said.

Hilton added that Whyms was only in the 9th grade at the time of in the incident and had lost his father when he was 8 and his grandmother whom he lived with both deaths playing a vital role in his psychological makeup.

Justice Hilton added that the sentences could have been a bit more lenient but neither showed any remorse for their actions or acknowledged their involvement in the murder.

According to reports, around 9:00 p.m on March 8th, 2014, police received information that a man was shot through Milton Street off East Street.


When officers arrived at the scene, they met Farrington’s lifeless body with multiple gunshot wounds about the body.


Farrington was reportedly riding his bicycle through Milton Street when a man armed with a handgun opened fire on him fatally hitting him to the shoulder, side and head.


Farrington was pronounced dead at the scene.










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