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Opposition Leader responds to DPM’s comments

Leader of the opposition Phillip Davis responded to Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Finance Peter Turnquest’s remarks that statements made by the opposition were “laughable”. 

Mr. Davis told the Journal News Team that the PLP needs answers. 

He said, “Why would he say that we’re in no position to talk? We have spoken and our words speak for itself, and we have asked him to answer the questions we’ve asked, and we want him to answer the issues that we have out before him. We want him to explain why he’s doing what he has to do in such a short period of time after only one year in office.”

Mr. Turnquest also noted that the decision to increase Value Added Tax rates was difficult, but the previous administration left the government no choice. 

He said that the PLP government ran through $266 million during their term in salaries alone. 

He indicated that this move by the government is an effort to stop this “runaway train”, and to prevent the next generation from having to pay more money to fix this “structural issue”.  

Written by Jones Bahamas

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