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Nygard’s Golden Jubilee Review – ‘Meanness, A Product Of Insecurity’

Nygard’s Golden Jubilee Review

It’s not an everyday occurrence to discover an individual who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to achieve phenomenal success with a business that’s still breaking barriers, still achieving firsts, and still innovating fifty years later. What does it take? How did he achieve it all? And how can we achieve similar successes?

That’s what we’ll explore in this tri-weekly series. We’ll break down fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s achievements and look at how his accomplishments can serve as practical applications to others in business and life.

‘Meanness, A Product Of Insecurity’

Have you ever seen such evil as what we’ve been witness to lately?

How did we come to a place in the world where people take it upon themselves to go out and aim to shoot innocent people by the hundreds?

Where do some people get the audacity to attack others and attempt to do them harm?

What makes some people feel they have a right to interfere in the lives of others in any way they decide?

When you have kind-hearted individuals, like fashion mogul Peter Nygard—who has given to thousands and continues to give to everyone without hesitation—being attacked for no good reason, we have to question where we’ve ended up as a society.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve allowed ourselves to get to this point, allowed our societies to get in such a state. But, we cannot continue on this path. We cannot continue to allow it.

Individuals like Nygard should be emulated not castigated. What kind of messages are we sending to young people when we senselessly attack kind-hearted individuals of inspiration?

Is such mean-spiritedness what one would want their life to be all about? Is this something they can be proud of or the legacy they would want to leave behind?

How would anyone be motivated to achieve the things Peter Nygard has achieved if such mean-spiritedness is what they would have to contend with?

For the haters in the world, it is important to note that mean-spiritedness is not something anyone should be proud of. It is considered a reflection of insecurity. 

Psychology Today’sarticle (“Why Are People Mean?”)—and its subtitle specifically—states, “Being mean is a product of insecure self-esteem.”

The Psychology Today article’s author, Nathan A Heflick (Ph.D.), explains further:

“Why do people so often want to hurt and harm others? Decades of research indicates that there is much truth in the popular belief that people are mean to others in order to feel better about themselves.

The Psychology Todayarticle summarizes by making this point that we should always remember:

“When you insult or criticize someone else, it may say more about how you are feeling about yourself than the other person.

“Insecurity over ourselves drives much of the cruelty in the world.” 

So, when people are tempted to tear someone down or denigrate someone who should be lauded for their generosity and accomplishments in life, they should know that it is a reflection of their own inadequacies.

We should be focused on living together in joy and happiness instead of envy and jealousy. 

We each need to take stock of ourselves and our lives and see if what we are focusing on is positively contributing to the existence of human beings on earth or if instead it is diminishing it.

Rosa Parks, the African American woman who bravely stood her ground for what was right in 1955 when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person, said this:

“Each person must live their life as a model for others.”

Are you living your life as a model for others? Are you striving for your own best achievements and to have a spirit of generosity like Peter Nygard?

That should be our daily focus—to leave an admirable legacy behind, to set a great example for our kids and future generations of the world.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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