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Nottage: RBPF Not Hiding Anything

Although the incident has still not been detailed in the daily crime report, National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage on Wednesday slammed recent media accounts that accused the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) of covering up the attempted armed robbery of an armoured truck nearly two weeks ago.

He also sent a stern warning to anyone seeking to “denigrate” the reputation of the RBPF to cease and desist and noted that bashing the police force does no good for the country.

Just before suspending proceedings in the House of Assembly Wednesday evening, Dr. Nottage told parliamentarians that the attempted armed robbery was in fact reported, contrary to what both a local daily and the US Embassy have said.

“The matter was in fact reported,” he said. “And those who would seek to denigrate the Royal Bahamas Police Force and accuse it of covering things up really ought to cease and desist.

“It does nothing to assist us in the fight against crime.”

It was the US Embassy that first reported the attempted armed robbery of the armoured truck at Wendy’s Cable Beach location.

The embassy subsequently sent out a warning to American citizens visiting The Bahamas to be on high alert for criminal activity.

In recent months the US Embassy issued several warnings to their citizens indicating that many crimes go unreported by the police.

National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage on Tuesday said he was “rather disappointed” and concerned that both the United States Embassy would put out such a warning.

“These advisories, or the one that came from the US Embassy, I was rather disappointed in,” he said. “Because we have done everything possible to reduce, if not completely eliminate, criminal acts against US tourists and others.

“You would have to admit that there have been very few of those in recent times. I’ve personally been disappointed in the US cruise lines and what they do because, in my opinion, they do not truly reflect the situation in New Providence which tourists normally frequent.”

“Nevertheless, it’s a reality we have to face,” Dr. Nottage added. “I am satisfied that the police have in place the kind of arrangements which are necessary to continue to minimise crimes against tourists.”

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade also expressed his “embarrassment” at the fact that many believe the RBPF omits certain crime reports from their daily statements.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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