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New Oban Deal Soon

The Minister of Labour  Dion Foulkes  says  that he anticipates the negotiations on the Oban heads of agreement to be complete in the next two to three weeks. 

He added that the government is adamant about changing the terms of agreement for the heads of agreement regarding the Oban deal.

Mr. Foulkes  told reporters  outside of Tuesday’s weekly cabinet meeting that Oban has agreed to discussions with the government to change those provisions. The original conditions,  Mr. Foulkes said,  placed Bahamians at a disadvantage.

“We want to make some extensive changes to the heads of agreement, if the principals of Oban and the board of Oban agree,  then we will sign a new head of agreement.”

Some specific changes Mr. Foulkes said that the government will be looking at while in negotiations  include the  economic provision, environmental provision and the legal provision. 

“I do not want to get into the details of until we have had an opportunity to present our terms to Oban so that they can have an opportunity to respond,” he said. 

To environmental  concerns regarding this Oban deal, Mr. Foulkes said, “we realized that the whole future for the generation of energy is agreed based on a template.  We’re aware of this,  but we know this is going to take time to move from a fuel based supply of energy to a green based renewable energy. 

“We’re looking  at 10 or maybe 15 years before that is completed.  In the meantime , we have to supply energy to our consumers,” Mr. Foulkes said.    

Meantime , Opposition Leader Phillip Brave Davis is calling the government’s decision to renegotiate the Oban deal a grave mistake and a  bad  idea.

“There are too many unanswered questions, fraud and scandal surrounding this deal with very little economic benefit for Grand Bahama. 

“What is most concerning is that this company made a contribution to a Junknaoo group in Grand Bahama in a questionable attempt to sway public opinion about their real objective,” he said.

Mr. Davis  called  the Oban deal an illegal and illegitimate one,  as the contract, he said,  remains a mystery.

Heading of the negotiation committee on behalf of the government is Consultant Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General Lauren Klein. The head negotiator for Oban is Alexander Grikitis.

The original Heads of Agreement was signed back in February 2018.

Shortly after, it broke headlines that the signature on the document was forged. 

 Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis told parliament that there were some serious missteps in the deal, with government still trying to clinch that deal.     


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