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New Govt Promises Referendum

The government has announced plans to conduct a referendum to introduce term limits for prime ministers and introduce a system of recall for non-performing Members of Parliament.

The referendum will also address the issue of constituting an Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries Commission.

The government’s plans were uttered during the ceremonial reading of the Speech from the Throne by Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling during the official Opening of Parliament yesterday.

“My government will ensure that its ministers are held to the highest standards of constitutional and personal conduct. Consequently, my government will enact and enforce anti-corruption legislation for all parliamentarians and public officers,” Dame Marguerite said.

“My government will, with the consent of the electorate in a referendum, constitute an Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries Commission, introduce term limits for prime Ministers and introduce a system of recall for non-performing Members of Parliament. The Office of Ombudsman will be created to provide a direct source of relief, where people have legitimate grievances due to the actions or inactions of government or any agency of the government.”

The first prime minister of The Bahamas Sir Lynden Pindling held his post for 25 years, equating to five consecutive terms in office between1973 to 1992.

The government also has plans for the country’s number one industry, tourism.

The governor general said the government plans to aggressively pursue additional airlift, place priority on bringing excitement to the downtown area, establish a signature tourism identity for Grand Bahama and give consideration to the ownership of taxi license plates to those who have been leasing for a number of years.

“My government recognizes the value of tourism to the economy, while being keenly aware of the fierceness of the competition in the global and regional tourism marketplace. My government will collaborate with all the major tourism industry stakeholders to enhance the tourism product onshore, to develop throughout our islands,” Dame Marguerite said.

“My government’s primary goal in communications, sales and airlift strategies will be on ensuring a return on investment in all that we do. My government will work aggressively towards expanding our digital footprint by using data driven metrics towards all efforts,”

“My government will give greater priority to initiatives to enliven and bring excitement to downtown Nassau. My government will execute plans for the continued refurbishment of Festival Place.”

Meanwhile, the previous administration had made similar commitments in its Speech from the Throne in 2012.

In regards to the crime dilemma, the Minnis administration said as it realizes the importance of a safe environment it will be committed to changing the culture of violence.

“Our steadfast resolve is to target the root causes of crime and implement modern crime fighting strategies. My government is committed to collaborating and working with community partners, parents, educators, church leaders, youth leaders, social workers, and all relevant agencies of the government. Through neighbourhood safety programs and community-based partners the culture of violence in our communities will change. My government continues to be committed to zero tolerance for crime, inclusive of minor infractions,” Dame Marguerite said.

“Our most urgent priorities in crime fighting are initiatives that focus on prevention, deterrence, and enforcement. My government will enact legislation to establish the National Intelligence Agency (NIA). My government will enact legislation to address the conditional release of offenders into society through a Parole and Probation of Offenders system.

“My government will enact legislation to establish a Guns and Gang Unit that will focus on dismantling gangs and disrupting the trafficking in illicit firearms.”

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