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Murder Count 115- New CCTV system talks to begin

With three murders in under 36 hours, National Security Minister Marvin Dames says a new CCTV set up and the revamping of the system to fix the issues will take place very soon.

The country’s 115th murder took place last night when a young male was shot on Prison Lane off East Street. He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. On Monday night a homicide occurred on Ida Street when Gregory Hanna, a young man was shot and killed. That followed the murder of a father of two children found with gunshot wounds on Hospital lane on Sunday night. Police have no significant leads in these matters.

Mr. Dames spoke with reporters outside of Cabinet Office yesterday and said they know where the issues are and that his team plans to deal with them as best as they can through a number of initiatives, one of which includes a new CCTV set up.

“Well, I’m waiting I have another meeting probably within another week with stakeholders and service providers,” he said.

“To make certain that all of those issues that were plaguing the system would have been rectified and once that is done, we will move into growing the system adding analytics, license plate recognition and gunshot detection.”

In 2012 the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) spent some $4.6 on CCTVs. However, according to the minister, 119 of the 243 cameras were no producing quality images.

Most of the CCTVs have been placed in the Downtown area and other crime hotspots.

Last month in the House of Assembly Mr. Dames revealed that anti-crime initiatives, which includes CCTV and electronic monitoring had failed.

He said over the years The Bahamas has been spending millions of dollars on anti-crime programs and the acquisition of modern crime fighting tools and equipment, but based on their most recent review, the results have shown that a less than adequate job of oversight and maintenance was done.

“This outcome can be attributed to poor execution, a lack of legislative or regulatory support and a poor oversight at the policy level,” Dames said.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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