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MPs Ready to Transform Constituencies

After the pomp and pageantry that is associated with the Opening of Parliament, it is time for the respective Members of Parliament (MP) to get to work in their constituencies and government portfolios.

The Bahama Journal spoke with several first time Free National Movement MPs on the tasks ahead of them and how they plan to tackle them.

First was newly minted Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly Don Saunders, who is also the representative for Tall Pines, an area that has been plagued by issues at the New Providence Landfill, a problem he said is number one on his agenda as an MP.

“I look forward to debating resolutions that affect Tall Pines, particularly issues relating to the environment and environmental issues particularly the dump,” Mr. Saunders said.

“Issues relating to our plans for crime fighting in The Bahamas, issues relating to social development and urban development in Tall Pines, so I look forward to those particular bills and making contributions to the benefit to the people of Tall Pines.”

The country’s new Minister of Tourism, Freetown MP Dionisio D’Aguilar said his Cabinet portfolio may be the most vital, as it is responsible for two thirds of the country’s income and expanding this sector is something he is greatly looking forward to.

“The way I am going to look at tourism is that tourism is ‘Bahamas Inc.’  We have to grow our economy and because tourism is responsible for two thirds of our economy that is probably the most important portfolio in terms of bringing economic growth to the country.

“When I campaigned for six months in my constituency, the largest cry was we want jobs.  So everything we do, every dollar we invest is going to be, what is going to be the return to the country and how is that going to filter down to the person in my constituency and the other 39 constituencies,” Mr. D’Aguilar said.

Long Island MP Adrian Gibson emerged victorious from that hotly contested showdown in the constituency, unseating incumbent and former Leader of the Opposition in the House of Assembly Loretta Butler- Turner, and with that now behind him, Mr. Gibson said his focus is now restoring an island that has been ravished by hurricanes over the past several years.

“Long Island is one of those southern islands that is in need of so much.  Certainly we have capital works on the drawing board from that international airport which was needed to jumpstart the economy and cut down on the rates of unemployment.

“Certainly, there is the need to run the water from end to end, a basic amenity that is much needed.  Persons are still subjected to having to pay a water truck to drop water off.

“You have issues in terms of healthcare that needs to be addressed on Long Island, education and special education.  There are quite a number of areas we’re looking to cover.

“I told persons I want to be the MP that covers the large and the small things.  It’s Long Island’s time and our time to address those things that impact the livelihood of Long Island and I think those things cover a great degree of it,” Mr. Gibson said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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