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There are over 200 homes in Bain and  Grants town to be fixed and to be  ready for the hurricane season.  The Member of Parliament for the constituency Travis Robinson has  launched a roofing project to ensure all his constituents that are in desperate need of roof repairs are covered in the next few months.

 On the park grounds in the area, the MP had trucks with  all the equipment needed for roof repair. 

The project will be done in four phases and continue over a course of  four  to five months. Phase 1- launched yesterday,  included the distribution of materials to constituents that are employed,  but still in need of assistance. Phase  two and three  include  homes of the elderly and single parents with materials and physical construction.  Phase  four  is open  to general constituents who may be in financial  difficulty and could benefit from this initiative. 

Project lead contractor Mr. Andrew Colebrook says that the first phase of this project is  estimated to take  about one month,   based on the project expenditure and the rush to have homes fixed before a major hurricane reaches the Bahamas.

 The overall project will cost in  excess of $100,000. The focus is on distribution of supplies, and those receiving more than just supplies are the elderly and single parents. He said this is where the bulk of the funding will go. 

Mr. Robinson said that what led to the creation of this project was his responsibility to his constituents and their many concerns. He noted  that everyday during his walkabouts, his constituents voice their issues, and this was something that the  majority of them struggled with. 

This initiative was done over a period of two months, with the roofing project having Fidelity Bank as its platinum sponsor. The project also has the support and backing of Family  Guardian Insurance,  Original Pattie  , Super Value and J.S. Johnson Insurance. 

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