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The Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party,  Senator Fred Mitchell has called on the government to rehire a number of  people who he said, “were victimized.”  He  says, “the statements about hiring in the Public Service by the Public Service Minister delivered in the House of Assembly on 17th June 2019 are not credible and do not have the ring of truth.”

He said, “various  spokesmen for the Government continue to trot out the narrative that people dismissed by the FNM administration since coming to office for no good reason, have been re-hired and regularized. The anecdotal evidence does not support the government’s assertions.

“The PLP is receiving disturbing reports from all across the country that the people who were hired on the various apprenticeship programmes of the PLP administration were summarily dismissed and sent home. They have not been rehired.

“The public servants who are involved with the hiring process under the rebranded programmes of the FNM, have reported to us that they have been receiving lists from FNM generals about who to hire in these programmes. We believe these public servants.

“We do not believe one word that the Minister for the Public Service says on this subject, “ said Mr. Mitchell.

He  called  on the Government to rehire those people they have let go so that they can begin to feed their families once again as their lives take on some form of normalcy. Also, Senator Mitchell said,  the government should stop this evil and wicked practice of victimizing workers they suspect to be supporters of the PLP.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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