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Minnis Vows to Stop ‘National Nightmare’

Executing its economic vision for the country, is one way the Free National Movement (FNM) plans to stop the “national nightmare” created by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).


These sentiments were articulated by FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis as he addressed thousands of supporters during the party’s mass rally at Golden Gates Assembly last night.


As the country’s economy over the past year has grown by less than 1 percent, Dr. Minnis highlighted one part of the FNM’s economic vision.


“We must have a plan for economic growth in many areas. One example is that my government will promote the farming of native fruits, many of which are increasingly hard to find. We will promote the farming of fruits such as guava, tamarind, juju, sour sop, sugar apple, pineapple, sapodilla; hog plum, scarlet plum, guinep and papaya. These fruits can also be processed into drinks, pastries, teas, pulp, candies, condiments and other products,” Dr. Minnis said.

One way the FNM proposes to do this is through the creation of an over-the-hill native food market, a plan proposed by the party during the 2012 election campaign.

“The raw fruit and the processed goods need an outlet for sale. At the last election, the FNM proposed an idea that my government will bring to reality. Just as we created Fish Fry and the Straw Market, we will build a Native Food Market Over-the-Hill. Many cities and countries around the world boast native food markets. Our Native Food Market will feature Bahamian art. It will be a major economic empowerment project and revitalization project,” the FNM leader said.

Dr. Minnis charged that such a facility would generate income locally, but also internationally.

“A Native Food Market will welcome scores of Bahamians and tourists and provide business opportunities for many Bahamians to sell their goods and products. The Native Food Market will have a variety of foods and products for sale from ice-cream to potato and cassava bread, tamarind sauce, and other Bahamian treats,” he said.

Additionally, Dr. Minnis said under an FNM government The Bahamas would become a meritocracy.

“I am a firm believer that the time has come to involve more young people in the national development conversation. Our youth demands a country, which functions as a meritocracy! The status quo of rising through the ranks of society based on political affiliation, who-you-know or gender bias is unacceptable,” he said.


“I am committed to engender a culture of reward, based on honest work and earning what one achieves. The Bahamas must become a meritocracy where your skill, talents, ability and drive put you in the driver’s seat,” he added.

Based on the premise that the PLP government has placed foreign interests over the interests of Bahamians, the FNM leader promised to put Bahamians first in all aspects.

“Over the last decade The Bahamas has experienced a significant brain-drain. A new FNM government will cultivate and utilize the resources and energy of the Bahamian Diaspora. Our foreign missions will be mandated to create a database that the government and private enterprise may tap into as potential consultants, investors, and employees. These Bahamians would be given priority employment when foreign consultants or specialists are sought after,” Dr. Minnis said.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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