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Minnis Shuts Down Nottage’s Response to Advisory

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said he is disappointed by the response of Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage’s response to the recent crime warning issued by the U.S. Embassy to its citizens in relation to The Bahamas.

“According to this government there is no crime problem. Tell that to the people who live in fear in their neighbourhoods as the murder rate hits record highs year after year. Tell that to the sexual assault victims that have had their lives forever changed. It’s sad and disappointing when a foreign government recognizes this about The Bahamas and warns their people, but our own Minister calls their crime warning ‘wrong’ and ‘unfair’,” said Dr. Minnis.

The FNM leader said it is wrong for Dr. Nottage to ignore the Bahamian people who are being adversely affected by the crime dilemma.

“Minister Nottage should know that it’s ‘unfair’ to have leaders in office that spend more time trying to convince us there is no problem instead of offering concrete plans to bring the crime rate down. The Bahamian people don’t need a foreign government to tell them that the crime rate is bad here; they only need to go outside their homes,” said Dr. Minnis.

Dr. Minnis charged that it is evident that crime, particularly in the Bain and Grants Town area, is not showing signs of decreasing.

Suggesting that the national security minister is evading the issues and questions surrounding crime, he asserts that the government should “stand up” and articulate a crime fighting strategy.

“The Commissioner of Police recently proposed acquiring the services of a helicopter, and the acquisition and lawful deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the construction of a forensic science facility with emphasis on a state-of-the-art DNA laboratory. No action from the PLP, just deafening silence to these requests. Yet, this government did give the prime minister a $2 million slush fund in his annual budget– for what, no one knows,” he said.

Reiterating the familiar sentiments, Dr. Minnis said after over four years of “empty rhetoric and broken promises” the government should at this point be held accountable for a high crime record.

“The murder rate is at an all time high. Sexual assaults and armed robberies have become all too common for Bahamians. It is time for leadership that will take action and fight everyday for them and stop the endless stream of crime.   The FNM will provide this leadership that the Bahamian people deserve. We will not just make excuses and run away from the hard questions. We will stand side by side with the Bahamian people as we fight to root out crime in our country and make our communities safe for everyone,” he said.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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