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Minnis: PLP Downplaying Crime Issue

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is lambasting National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage and the current administration over making light of the crime situation in The Bahamas.

Dr. Minnis says that the crime situation is starting to isolate international allies.

“’Perceived increase in crime?’ The PLP Government and Minister Nottage show once again they just don’t get it. For nearly five years their leadership has been to ignore a problem and hope that it goes away,” he said in a press statement Sunday.

“Unfortunately, Bahamians are suffering the tragic results of their failed leadership. Thirty murders already this year. Beyond that attempted murders, attempted robberies, and sexual assaults are on the rise. This is not perception for Bahamians, this is reality.

“Countries like Canada and the United States have issued travel advisories warning their citizens of our troubles. Even the government’s allies at Baha Mar have spoken out about their concerns on the growing crime epidemic, and yet the PLP Government continues to downplay the severity of the situation impacting our communities.”

Dr. Minnis said there is a general fear among Bahamians.

“What will it take for Minister Nottage and this PLP Government to acknowledge the crime epidemic? Bahamians are scared to leave their homes at night; scared to go to the grocery store or the bank, and parents are scared to send their children to school. Bahamians deserve a government that does not dismiss their fears and concerns and instead acts on their behalf to address them,” Dr. Minnis said.

Dr. Minnis added the FNM has developed a comprehensive, constructive anti-crime plan that will put a priority on making our communities and neighbourhoods safe and secure.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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