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Minnis: “Gov’t Full of Empty Rhetoric”

Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said Prime Minister Perry Christie and his government are filled with broken promises and empty rhetoric.

These sentiments, in a recent press statement, came in response to the prime minister’s recent comments on Baha Mar.

Last week in the House of Assembly, Mr. Christie said that “very active decisions” are being made on Baha Mar.

A few weeks ago, the prime minister in the lower chamber, during his 2016/2017 budget communication, read a joint press statement by EXIM Bank and China State Engineering and Construction Coporation (CSEC), which said the companies had formed an agreement in which China Construction America would complete construction on the resort.

However, Mr. Christie in his communication, did not outline a specific time frame in which the project will reach completion.

Dr. Minnis said after years of failure in opening the multi- billion dollar resort, Mr. Christie admitted that his government is relegated to only observing and energizing the negotiations designed to open the resort.

“This project is vital to our economy; every day 5,000 Bahamians are sitting idly by awaiting the jobs that were promised by the Prime Minister. Instead of producing jobs, the resort sits closed, while the property continues to accumulate a high electricity bill,” Dr. Minnis said.

The Prime Minister refuses to give any concrete plans on how the government is going to speed up the Baha Mar construction. He continues to use empty rhetoric time and time again to say that he will do something but all we have seen is him breaking his promises,” he continued.

Suggesting that the tourism industry is being threatened, Dr. Minnis asserted that the prime minister, in the past few months had been more concerned about promoting the recent gender equality referendum, than he was about the country’s number one industry.

“On top of not engaging in the negotiations to open Baha Mar, the failure of the PLP Leadership to reduce crime rates has lead two countries to issue travel warnings to tourists planning to visit our beautiful country,” Dr. Minnis lamented.

“This has lead to the Central Bank reporting that The Bahamas’ tourism sector was slowing over the first quarter of this year and the prospects for the future are not any better,” he said.

“What has the PLP Government been able to manage properly? Baha Mar? No. The Referendum? No. Tourism? No,” he further lamented.

Meanwhile Dr. Minnis said in an FNM vision, Bah Mar is more than a “wait and see proposition.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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