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Minnis Confident FNM Will Emerge Victorious

Free National Movement Leader (FNM) Dr. Hubert Minnis is today confident that he and the FNM will emerge as the governing party after today’s ballots are cast and counted.


During the FNM’s final mass rally last night at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center, Dr. Minnis said he believes the FNM can pull off a win due to the fact that the party has undergone insurmountable challenges over the past few years, but has still managed to produce a “strong” team.


Dr. Minnis insisted that his party is “resilient” and the one to lead the country forward.

“It’s time to choose. The Bahamas cannot survive another five years of this, corrupt, incompetent and victimizing government. Thank God for May 10. Clearly, you are ready for change and the PLP’s time is up. The voices of the people can no longer be ignored and this movement cannot be stopped,” Dr. Minnis said.


“The Free National Movement will be the government of The Bahamas.”


The FNM leader also reiterated his disapproval of the implementation of value-added tax in 2015.


This is another reason why Dr. Minnis said he is strongly urging Bahamians to vote for the FNM.


“It’s now time to choose. The PLP continues to collect your tax dollars to the tune of over a billion dollars in VAT. It was collected off the backs of struggling Bahamians. The PLP spat in our faces and refused to tell us how they spent our money. If you vote for the PLP we will never know where our VAT money went,” Dr. Minnis said.


“The country says so long, bye bye, to the PLP,” he exclaimed.


“It’s now time to choose! This is our last stand. This is where we fight. We will not fight with guns or knives, but with the ballot. This is your real power. Every five years, we the people judge those who lead us. So tomorrow, we get to tell the PLP exactly what we think about them. We will vote them out,” he continued.


Additionally, the party leader cautioned Bahamians to exercise their rights tomorrow in a peaceful and careful manner.


“Be careful when you vote. Take your time and look for the torch. Mark your ‘X’ one time next to the torch. Be vigilant, watchful and pay close attention. Let no one provoke you to violence. Be patient and support one another. Keep your eyes on the prize, and get every FNM vote in the ballot box. Wear your red shirts or something red to the polls and do not forget to vote early,” Dr. Minnis said.


“It’s time to choose. Choose a better life. Choose a better future. Choose the FNM. Vote to end corruption. Vote for better education. Vote for better health care and better safety. Vote for the FNM.”












Written by Jones Bahamas

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