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Two of  the ministers scheduled to be reassigned from their respective posts today said that they are not surprised by the Prime Minister’s decision. 

Cabinet Ministers Frankie Campbell and Renward Wells told reporters outside Cabinet yesterday that they serve “at the pleasure of the Prime Minister”. 

Minister Frankie Campbell said, “I’m feeling privileged  that I still have the confidence of the Prime Minister. Secondly I said before that governments are continuous. Ministers are agents of the government to drive the government’s policy, and I would have done that to what I believe was the best of my ability in the Ministry of Transport.”

He added, “It is my prayer that I would take the same zeal and the same pride to the Ministry of Social Services. There will be some time to familiarize with the details, but the vision of the government remains the same, which is to add quality to the lives of the Bahamian people and I will continue to play that role.”

Minister Renward Wells said that he does intend to meet with his predecessor, Frankie Campbell, to discuss his intended vision for the ministry of Transport. 

However, he revealed plans of his own in which he wishes to implement. 

He said that implementing mooring systems in The Bahamas is something that is very “near and dear” to him. 

According to Mr. Wells, these mooring systems can benefit the country both environmentally and economically. 

He also said that Australia and other countries with vast oceans have utilized this system and can speak to its success. 

He added, “I’m going to be looking into how we can get a mooring authority or to set up moorings in the Family Islands, and I’m looking to see how those moorings can help assist the funding of local government.” 

Mr. Wells also shared that this idea is one of many he has up his sleeve with regard to his new post in the Ministry of Transport and local Government. 

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