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Minister Wants Local Gov’t For New Providence

Now that MICAL’s MP-elect Alfred Gray is back as minister with responsibility for local government, he said he intends to pick up where he left off 10 years ago, by introducing local government to New Providence.

“It is my intention to bring local government to New Providence in the shortest possible time,” Mr. Gray said.

“When I was there before I started the process. I’m not sure what happened since then to now, but I intend to resurrect that process and start the general trek towards implementation of local government to New Providence.”

The initial idea of introducing local government to New Providence involved possibly zoning the island into quarters with chief councillors representing each segment.

Minister Gray sees local government as a viable and feasible mechanism that could also benefit the only island in The Bahamas that has been left out of the loop and on which the central government is located.

Currently 23 of the 38 parliamentary districts are on the smallest island in the country – New Providence – which holds the seat of power and has the most residents.

When local government was introduced in 1996, the government did not believe that local government was warranted in New Providence.

Instead, it was designed to complement the central government under a system whereby local communities participate in the decision-making on those matters which impact them directly.

The boards have the power to grant small contracts for minor community repairs to garbage collection.

Meantime, the minister is expected to sit down with administrators from the various Family Islands on Friday to chart the way forward for the development of the Islands.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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