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Accidents Loom At Goodman’s Bay

A Jet Ski operator has warned that serious accidents could occur at Goodman’s Bay beach soon if the government doesn’t immediately cordon off a swimming area on the beach.

Pedro Bannister of Pedro’s Water Sports said over the past three to four years officials who are responsible for cordoning off areas in the water have neglected to do so.

“Here on Goodman’s Beach there are a group of buoys which are supposed to indicate a swim line. This public beach is open to tourists and Bahamians to enjoy, but if the area is not roped off properly it’s a hazard zone to everyone that comes here to relax and enjoy themselves,” Mr. Bannister said.

“I think the Port Authority is in charge of roping off this area, so if that is the case they need to do something about this.”

Upon inspection, the Bahama Journal confirmed that there are no clear boundary lines at the beach, save for three buoys that float near the shoreline.

But just a few yards away, directly in the front of the Breezes Resort, the area is properly cordoned off.

Mr. Bannister said the lack of proper guidelines on Goodman’s Bay not only poses a hazard to swimmers, but it also poses a hazard to Jet Ski operators as well.

“If the area is not roped off, Jet Ski riders will not know that they are not supposed to go in there. But if it is roped off, equipped with flags at both ends, they will know that it is a swimming area and that they should not go inside of it. As simple as it seems, the implementation of that swimming line could really assist in avoiding accidents,” he said.

Mr. Bannister contends that if something is not done soon, fatal accidents could occur.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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