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Minister of Agriculture Challenges Students

Recognizing World Food Day with an official opening ceremony at the Kendal Issacs Gymnasium yesterday, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Renward Wells challenged the students of various schools attending the special exhibition to become more involved in agriculture and marine resources ventures, as he wants to rebuild and repair the agricultural infrastructure.

Addressing the issue of migration because of various reasons such as food shortage and poverty, the minister told students that The Bahamas is capable of feeding its people and he sees the opportunity to rebuild and repair agriculture through them.

He told them that although various categories in agriculture may be hard work, the sector is not humdrum and boring.

“Fishing and farming is hard work, but my grandmother always said that hard work will not kill you.

The sector is not limited to menial work either. We need smart people in the sector,” Mr. Wells said.

He encouraged the students by pointing out various professions that allow for business in the agricultural sector.

“New and emerging professions have caused people to make good money and become professionals in their own right,” he said.

Mr. Wells listed a plethora of professions that the students could become to join the agricultural sector including Agricultural Engineers, Food Scientists, Agricultural Inspector and Managers, and Agronomists.

“Large-scale fishing, fish and shellfish farming, seafood processing and seafood marketing.

“There are also many other areas that you can study toward; but while you are in school, you must study hard so that you may get good grades, especially in math, biology, general science, chemistry, and computer science,” Mr. Wells told the students.

Apart from that, Mr. Wells told the students that the government is prepared to assist those who choose to venture into the area of agriculture.

“Government is doing more to assist people who choose professions to grow food, harvest or grow fish and shellfish, and raise livestock and chickens.

“We want to see more livestock and poultry production and food processing, particularly in our Family Islands, and we will do what we can to assist,” Mr. Wells said.

Mr. Wells further told the students that they are not too young to think about and learn how to make business plans in the area of agriculture.

“You are not too young to think about these things. With you in mind, I want to rebuild and repair the agricultural infrastructure, invest in replanting and restocking small farmers’ crops and livestock production.

“I encourage each of you to carve out a spot for planting in your back yard, on your porch, in pots around the home, on the kitchen counter, anywhere!” Mr. Wells told the students.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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