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McCartney Warns Bahamians About Bye-Election Hype

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader, Branville McCartney is warning Bahamians not to get involved in the “hype” surrounding the upcoming bye-election in North Abaco, noting that all three candidates have avoided discussing hot button issues affecting residents like illegal immigration.

The seat will be contested by the Free National Movement’s (FNM) Greg Gomez, the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Renardo Curry and Bahamas Constitutional Party (BCP) Servant Leader, Ali McIntosh.

The DNA is not running a candidate in the bye-election.

Mr. McCartney is questioning the FNM’s position on the issues that are facing residents in North Abaco.

“In that same vein, what is the PLP saying about the issues in North Abaco,” he said in a statement issued yesterday. “I note that a Cabinet meeting was held in Abaco on Tuesday past.  But what was the reason for this meeting? Indeed, I am certainly not against Cabinet meetings being held outside the capital, but, my Lord, at this time when our country is suffering financially. I ask again, what was the reason?”

“What was the benefit to the country? Would the government be prepared to say how much it costs to have such a meeting? I think we as a people ought to insist on having this information. After all, it is our money they are spending. Quite frankly, the only benefit at this time for such a meeting was for political brownie points for the PLP, at the expense of the Bahamian people.”

Mr. McCartney said Bahamians continue to let situations like this happen without speaking out.

“Always remember that the prime minister and his government work for the Bahamian people,” he said. “They work for you and me. They were employed and accordingly are the peoples’ employees. They have been entrusted to act in our best interest at all times, whether you are DNA, PLP or FNM and that does not come to a holt because of a bye-election. The prime minister took that oath.”

“He should not forget that. I note that political distractions have been strategically placed so that the Bahamian people do not insist that issues be discussed. The FNM has stated that the PLP is victimising persons. Let me just say that if there is evidence of victimisation the FNM should bring the matter before the courts and sue accordingly. The PLP has taken to personal attacks against the FNM candidate. As a result the Bahamian people have gotten caught up in this bye-election fever and the issues have been swept aside.”
Mr. McCartney said the personal attacks on Greg Gomez will be a faint memory and if the FNM does not take a stand and fight for those who have been allegedly victimised, “it all would have been hot air.”  

“The fact of the matter is that no party is speaking on perhaps the most pressing issue in Abaco – illegal immigration,” the DNA leader said.

“I guess this should not be a surprise as neither the FNM nor the PLP spoke about illegal immigration during the general election campaign. I ask the Bahamian people, doesn’t that make you question why this issue is downplayed by both parties? I am informed that in Abaco Bahamians are outnumbered by other nationalities; many of whom are illegal. Is this not a serious issue? The Pigeon Pea and The Mud have criminal, health, environmental and social issues to address. Yet, both parties are quiet. The question is how are these issues going to be dealt with. These issues will be there after the bye-election.”

The former Bamboo Town MP added that crime and the fear of crime is also a concern for Abaco, together with the dwindling economy.

“Education and the enhancement of same are not being discussed and the many, many, many social issues remain; all being downplayed by the political hype,” Mr. McCartney said.

“Finally, it seems that a tremendous amount of money is being spent by both parties on this bye-election. I would have thought that this would have been an opportune time for the government to have implemented campaign finance reform. Indeed, the monies that have been spent by both parties could have no doubt gone towards some good to help those who are less fortunate. I wonder if both parties would be prepared to state how much money was spent on this bye-election. I think you may find that both parties would go quiet on this question.”
 Mr. McCartney explained that now is “not the time to get caught up.”

“Indeed, it happened in the last general election. After the bye-election, your light bill will still be due and it will costs you a lot of money, the mortgage or rent still have to be paid, food prices will still be high, gas prices will continue to be exorbitant, the cost of living as a whole will still be extreme and, yes, the cost of doing business in the Bahamas will still be to the point where it is almost unattainable,” he said.
“Crime and the fear of crime will still be a problem in this country. The problem of Illegal immigration in this country will still not be addressed. Education will still be in desperate need of enhancement. Social issues will still be mounting. Environmental concerns will still not have been addressed.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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  1. Markanthony says:

    Wow! Bran the man huh. Excellent story with major unaddressed concerns and social issues. But, what is “social reform” without answers to reform it? Great story!


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