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McCartney: Christie Misleading Bahamians

Branville McCartney 60Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney is once again attacking the government over Baha Mar.

In a press conference at his Halsbury Chambers Law Office yesterday, Mr. McCartney lambasted the administration calling the resort’s claims process a sham and said the prime minister is misleading Bahamians.

“As we are all aware by now the government and more specifically Prime Minister Perry Christie has been found guilty yet again of misleading the Bahamian people.

“It angers me to my core as a citizen of this country that every single promise this prime minister has made has been broken. His track record of misleading the Bahamian people ought to anger you as well. After all the pomp and circumstance of August 22nd, it turns out this secret deal that the prime minister has kept from us only benefits the Chinese Export Import Bank (EXIM), and their construction company, China Construction America (CCA).

“On Friday, September 9, many of you would have seen that the bank, via the Claims Committee released a new set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their website.

“Mr. Christie promised the Bahamian people that all Bahamian creditors, including former workers, contractors and vendors had been protected, and would receive the majority, if not all of their outstanding claims.

“Well, the bank is now saying that no one, I repeat, no one is guaranteed a payment. And worse, they make it clear that any payment to any Bahamian creditor will be dependent upon the size of concessions offered to them. These answers they gave on this website are a complete contradiction of what our prime minister promised us on August 22nd,” Mr. McCartney said.

The DNA leader went as far as suggesting that the Chinese government controls the country’s future and not the current administration.

“Let me tell you why, our government has clearly been bought, hook, line and sinker by the Chinese.

“What Baha Mar has truly exposed is how much a foreign government—no less the Communist Government of China—is controlling the economic and political future of our country for its own ends. This prime minister and his cabinet have deceived the Bahamian people either because they have allowed themselves to be continually misinformed, or worse, have sold themselves to the Chinese to maintain their own status quo. Now we finally see why they fought so vigorously to keep these details from the Bahamian people,” Mr. McCartney said.

“This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s a travesty and it’s in plain sight. If Christie had an ounce of morality he would hang his head in shame, ask the Bahamian people for forgiveness and demit office at once.” 

Mr. McCartney recently led a protest involving his party’s supporters, outside the House of Assembly, demanding that Baha Mar documents pertaining to the recent deal between the government and the Chinese be unsealed.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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