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Mount Tabor Senior Pastor Bishop Neil Ellis has formed a new foundation, The Market place Ministry. Bishop Ellis says the idea was established out of the realization that younger people are now using technology to connect with God and the public as opposed to attending church. 

Marketplace Ministry comprises 12 different commissions. They are  Arts and entertainment, business, education, evangelism, family, health, media, men, religion, women, youth and children. Each commission  has a specific agenda as well as a three-year timeline to introduce its initiative.

Bishop Ellis says the commissions are all mandated to bring about the  transgenerational transformation  by  doing the work of the church.  Each commission  has a  commissioner, a deputy and an administrator. 

Of  the 12 commissions, the commission on health stands out predominantly as its focus is the establishment of a kidney donor ship registry.

Bishop Ellis says, “the commission on health exists to improve long-term health within society through increased educational and preventative strategies. The most critical goal of this commission  is to aggressively move towards the establishment of a kidney donor-ship registry in The Bahamas. This historic move   enables  the  Bahamian people  in  need of a kidney would have access to a lifesaving option.”

  Bishop Ellis  said  there are  many  Bahamians   suffering from kidney diseases that we are unaware of  them.

Organizations such as the association of Medical Technologists, The Kidney Foundation and Medical Association of the Bahamas are around to provide detailed information on kidney diseases. Kidney diseases occur when the nephrons are damaged and cannot filter the blood. The damage can happen quickly, as in the case of injury or toxins, however most damage occurs over a period. There has been some evidence indicating that the prevalence of diabetes in the local population is approximately around some 12 to 15 percent.   Chronic kidney disease is more likely to develop in women compared to men, with an average 14 percent occurrence in  women and 12 percent in men. 

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